I have trained with Clifton and Mar for several years now. 
I am so very grateful for all the joy and fun they’ve brought into my life through dance. There’s no way to put a price tag on the gifts they have given me or how much they’ve enriched my life. 
They are both so special in so many ways. First of all, they are genuinely nice people who put boundless love and passion into their teaching. Plus, I’m constantly blown away by their rare ability to break complicated techniques down into simple, easy-to understand ideas. And then once broken down, they smoothly put those elements back together so that even this senior citizen can fly around the dance floor!

Jane Savoie, Vermont
Reserve Rider Olympic Dressage Team


When I walked into the studio for the first time I had no idea I would find a person who would teach me so much and give me the confidence and instructions to put my self out there on the competition dance floor.
You have helped me find a new way of life.You are the best teacher I have ever had and I thank you for helping me on this journey.
You are a artist and a great guy.

Janice Laporte,  Savannah Georgia.
Self Employer

I am a amateur Ballroom dancer of seven years. I have had the privilege of taking dance lessons from Mar Martinez the past three years. Mar's experience for dancing and her personal character is unsurpassed.
I have become a much better dancer and a better person being with her four hours a week while she is conducting her lessons.
Mar is truly a professional and anyone who is lucky enough to be instructed by her will without a doubt surely agree.

Bob DeMarco​, Wellington Florida.
​Owner at Screen Builder


There are so many things that I love about working with Clifton and Mar that I hardly know where to begin.
Perhaps what I love the most is their complete and total passion. I think that moves me so much because that is exactly how I feel when I dance. 
I also love the way they transform the music into something so beautiful that I feel lost in it. It’s incredible how they’re able to make you hear the music through their movements. They bring meaning to every song and make it unforgettable.
Plus, they are true professionals and incredibly gifted teachers. No matter what your challenge is, they always find a way to help you understand the steps and technique.

Rosie Rey, Madrid, Spain
Business Manager at Rey and Associates Sports Medicine LLC

I came into the wonderful world of dancing a bit late in life after having worked as an equity actor and later director for over 30 years. I took ballet, ballroom and jazz lessons for a while, until I decided what type of dancing I really liked.
I became a student at Fred Astaire studio about 5 years ago. My first teacher was Clifton Sepulveda and I learned so much from him, a teacher with a lot of patience and genuine interest in his students’ progress.  After working with Cliff for few months I realized that it was jazz what I really loved. He knew very well how I felt and in a very altruistic way encouraged me to pursue it. It was then that I became Mar Martinez’s jazz student. Words fail to describe the amazing teacher and person that she is. She is blessed with so much talent and has a way to adapt to each student’s abilities and shortcomings. I knew from the start that some not so distant day I will be losing her; she is too gifted not to pursue her dreams.
It would take many pages to convey my experience, but it is because of her that I now consider myself a dancer. Also, it was because of Mar and Clifton that I was able to perform at the Kravis Center  last February  in West Palm Beach. My routine was not easy but they both spent time in such a caring and nurturing way to help me accomplish my goal. They are both excellent performers and wonderful human beings. I feel a tremendous void now that I no longer have them near me to teach, encourage and guide me. I wish nothing but the best for these two performers who have enriched my life so much.
Mar and Clifton have a special place in my heart and I would forever cherish the memories.

Elba Laino, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Theater Director

“I was first introduced to Fred Astaire by my freshman year of college.
As a native of a rural town in south Georgia, ballroom dance was an entirely new experience for me! Mar Martinez was my first dance instructor, and I fell in love with dancing largely due to her inspirational influence.
Mar & her partner Clifton have been patient teachers that possess both the ability to provide professional technique and to share their contagious passion for dance.”

Lindsey Johnson, Georgia
 Biology Major at Palm Beach Atlantic University.

I have had the privilege of coaching and working with Clifton and Mar in their Theatrical/Cabaret routines for the past year. When I first saw them compete at The Crown Jewel Dancesport Championship in 2015, I knew immediately they were the winners of the Pro Open Theatre Arts Championship that night. As a former Theatrical/Exhibition Style Ballroom Champion myself, I am always looking for couples that portray the music, and become the music. Mar and Clifton totally capture the audience with their intense love for their art and you can feel this as they perform. Technically and emotionally their ability as a team is superb. Clifton with his previous athletic training truly epitomizes the strength of the male partnership needed in this style of dance. Mar with her delicate and incredible ballet technique becomes the total picture to the frame that Clifton creates. One thing that makes a champion is the ability to take correction, whether it is dance related or even character related. I have seen this couple do both, and I truly believe that Clifton and Mar have what it takes to become National Champions. 

Susan Silva, New York.
Dance Life Coach, NDCA National Championship Certified Judge, Former Theatrical, Exhibition, and American Style Champion, Broadway, Television and Film Performer, Author of the AMI Theatrical Ballroom Syllabus.

Mar is a great ballet teacher! :)
I have taken ballet for 8 years, and she explained some areas of ballet movements that I never was taught how to do them correctly.
She is very kind, patient, and caring. 

Autumn Nikirk, Singer Island. Florida
12 years old

There are so many wonderful things to say about Clifton and Mar.
Simply put, if you have always wanted to dance these are the two people you want to learn from.
They are amazing , inspiring and above all incredible teachers!  I have worked with both of them for several years and I am so proud of what they have helped me accomplish.
They make learning dance easy and fun! Learning to dance has been the best thing I have ever done. It has given me more confidence as well as help me stay in shape.
I thought it would be hard, but it wasn't at all! This is one activity I will continue thanks to them!

Shelley Hegley, Clewiston. Florida
School Teacher

Our experience with Mar as a family, which is both my husband and I as well as my two daughters, has been overall outstanding. She has always demonstrated great leadership and patience especially with the kids. She's professional at all times and is really invested in her students' success, but still continues to be caring and understanding towards her students. I can genuinely say that it has been an honor to have her as a dance instructor.

 Ana Barros, West Palm Beach. Florida
​Owner at Vida Cleaning Solutions